The Process: Developing YOUR Story

The Beginning: (first meeting, typically over the phone)

  • I will listen to your ideas and help you organize your thoughts, needs and desires.
  • We will then work together to choose the DVD package best suited to your needs.

From There:

  • I’ll send you a contract and a biographical outline for you to fill out as a family information guide of those people that might be discussed or mentioned during filming.
  • We’ll meet over a period of time to organize the project, select memories, photos, music etc. that you want to include.
  • I will film and interview.
  • I will edit the material and create a draft DVD movie for you.
  • You will preview the draft DVD.
  • After the final editing your archival DVD will be created, complete with a custom label and case cover.

Ideas to get your started:

  • Gather your favorite photos.
  • Think about music you like or want to use.
  • Talk with others about some of your memories.
  • Ask family members what kind of memories they would like to have on a DVD.