Personal Histories

Preserve you family stories before they are lost forever!! Go beyond the statistics of a family tree. Bring people, events and family memories to life! Various types of Personal History Packages are:

Basic DVD

This cost-effective package includes two and one half hours of personal interviewing to be edited and created into a one hour movie on DVD. Interview can be in one session or broken into two equal sessions. You may add five personal photographs of your choice to your movie, one of which can also be used as your medial case cover with title imprinted over it. One archival disc and case is provided.
Price: 1 Hour – $1,500

Deluxe DVD

This expanded package offers four hours of personal interviewing resulting in an edited two hour movie. Interviewing can be in two or three sessions. You may add up to ten personal photographs, one of which may be used for your case cover. Three archival disc copies are included in this package.
Price: 2 Hours – $3,000

Premier DVD 3 & 4

This package greatly expands the length of time available to document your story and allows for the inclusion of an additional person for up to one hour if desired. Interview session lengths can be mutually determined during initial planning meeting.

Premier 3 DVD includes:

6 hours of interviews, a 3 hour completed DVD,12 photos, and 3 copies.
Price: 3 Hours – $4,000

Premier 4 DVD includes:

8 hours of interviews, a 4 hour completed DVD, 16 photos and 4 copies.
Price: 4 Hours – $5,000

Unedited Audio CD

This CD package provides a preservation option for those preferring a voice only unedited document. Two hours of personal interviewing is burned unedited into a two hour length CD disc. More hours of unedited interview are available upon request. Custom photo CD case included.
Price: $800