Clients & Testimonials

Product Instruction Guide

For Rosemary Facchini, Owner of Two Red Kitties

rosemary4w“Love it! DVD fitted the homey type of atmosphere I want my product to convey…. Excellent communication, Eileen asked my preferences; sought out my ideas; integrated her knowledge and ideas with my plans…. I think it fits perfectly with my product. I hope the purchasers utilize it in completing their use of ‘the rosemary’. Her post production support of the product has also been more than generous.” Rosemary Facchini

“Eileen is one of the kindest and most genuine people you will ever meet. She is highly professional and loves her work; her background as a therapist and at ElderLife enhances her work as a videographer and creator of family history DVDs. She is a skilled and respectful interviewer who not only puts her clients at ease – but can actually even get the most camera shy person to relax and enjoy the process!

She is always looking for ways to enhance her skills and networks with other professionals in the field nationally to learn the latest developments and techniques in videography. Rosemary is my client I knew they would both thoroughly enjoy the process of creating the instructional DVD; the final product revealed the personality of my client and the quality of her product.”

Veronika Freeman

Family History Projects

Vebber Family DVD

From the back of the DVD cover:Vebber1w
“One summer day in July, 2007, relatives of the Herbert Vebber family drove to Pierpoint, NY to visit our oldest living Vebber relative. Visiting were Mark Vebber of Birimingham, AL and his girlfriend Gloria Gassner-Whiton; and Brett, Tracy and one year old William David from Alabama. Also present were Kay Vebber-Fallick, mother of Brett, Scott and Valerie of Alabama as well as Eileen Vebber Kent of Utica NY. Faye generously shared the afternoon with us and answered all our questions, while Eileen Kent, filmed the exchange. Later Eileen added some of her collection of family photos and edited it all together into a movie for all participants to enjoy. Thank you Faye, for your hospitality and for sharing with us your vast knowledge of the Vebber family.”

My Memories of My Life

Family History Project for Ed Lindhurst

“Eileen was very committed to this project and to the success of the story. She listens to all wishes. It was well done and I am completely satisfied. Yes, the fees were in line with the value I received.
Special and sincere thanks from the family and friends….all possible with my fine director/producer’. Congratulations and bravo from family.
Take a bow young lady!
Warm relief  – Yes
Sense of accomplishment – Yes
Rewards –  Beautiful!
To others -please strongly consider sharing your life – for your families (or your organization’s) future.
Be well. Only the best. Hugs.
Ed Lindhurst